Citrus Dreamsicle Sparkling Elixir Recipe

Every summer I sell Sparkling Elixirs in my tea lounge. These seasonal sparkling iced teas are a huuuuge hit and everyone looks forward to them because they're just so refreshing and little fancier than your typical iced tea. They're definitely a go-to when its hot AF outside.

I'll be posting all four of my recipes for the Sparkling Elixirs throughout the summer!


Citrus Dreamsicle Sparkling Elixir

citrus dreamsicle

Serve in a 24 oz mason jar (could easily be split into two 16 oz mason jars).

  • Citrus Dream tea
  • Sparkling water
  • Vanilla syrup (I use Torani brand and you can often find it at Walmart or Smart N' Final)
  • Whipped Cream or coconut creamer if you want the vegan option (I get my coconut creamer at Trader Joe's)

Brew the Citrus Dream tea: scoop 2 tsp loose tea into pot or brewing vessel, add 8 oz boiling water, steep 7 minutes. Strain tea into separate pitcher, add 1 cup ice to cool (will dilute tea a bit as well.) Add 1 oz vanilla syrup to tea and stir. Fill 24 oz jar with ice almost to top, pour brewed tea over ice to the 2 cup mark. Add 6 oz sparkling water and gently stir a few times to mix tea & sparkling water. Top with whipped cream or if making the vegan version, add a generous splash of coconut cream (about 1-2 oz or until glass is full). Add a cute ass paper straw and enjoy!

Feeling EXTRA? Use 1 oz less tea and add a shot of vodka to your mixture. Now you've got yourself a dirty sparkling elixir. 

Happy Brewing!

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