The woman behind Luna Tea.


Hello! I'm Jenni.

I am a tea connoisseur, cat lady, yoga enthusiast, as well as the creator of Luna Tea Co.

My purpose is to inspire. I show people how to empower themselves to live their best life; deliberately, authentically, and consciously with purpose and gratitude.

My story goes like this:

I grew up in the Bay Area with a family who regularly practiced holistic medicine. My mother is an Herbalist and Accupressurist, and that is how I became interested in plants- especially the tea plant. We would often (and still do) get together to take a break from whatever we were consumed with in our day, to enjoy tea & conversation. Eventually, I went on to study painting at San Jose State University and finished with a BFA in Pictorial Art. During my school years, I was often referred to as "the tea lady" amongst my peers because I was constantly drinking and sharing tea- even at parties. 

After years of working in coffee shops, teaching painting, and bartending, I knew I would rather do something in my life that brought me creative freedom and true purpose: conscious entrepreneurship. It has been my mission to spread my love for tea; creating a lifestyle around it and in turn inspiring people to practice mindfulness and self care through "the tea experience".

Whether you are a long time connoisseur, or completely new to tea, the experience is one that we can share.


Get inspired. Be authentic. Feel empowered.