Anniversary Blend

Anniversary Blend

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Organic black tea blend

Ingredients: darjeeling black tea, cocoa nibs, cinnamon, vanilla powder, & licorice root.

Tastes like: Mexican hot chocolate (seriously). The black tea is light enough that the rest of the ingredients come through really well. The licorice, cinnamon, and vanilla help to cut the bitterness of the cocoa, while adding to the natural chocolate-y flavor. This tea is so good for dessert or if you're in the mood to treat yo' self. I created it for my one year in business anniversary as a limited release, but the tea has been in such demand that I kept it on the permanent collection (you're welcome). 


Organic & hand crafted loose leaf tea. 

Biodegradable rice paper zip pouch bags measure 8" L x 5" W and contain approximately 20-30 cups per pouch. Each bag comes heat sealed but also contains a resealable zipper to keep your tea fresh!

Borosilicate glass test tubes with corks measure 6" L x 1" W and contain approximately 3-6 cups per tube. Adorable sample sizes and perfect for gifting.


Keep track of the tea you drink! Download a FREE tasting notes worksheet here.

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