Lil' Hunny

Lil' Hunny

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Organic herbal blend

Ingredients: lavender, coconut, vanilla powder, & stevia leaf. Caffeine free!

Tastes like: sweet, sweet nectar of the gods. The coconut provides a good "milky" consistency and full body to this blend, while the lavender, vanilla, and stevia combine to create the perfect trifecta of sweet bliss. It's created for and named after my best friend because her dad STILL refers to her (his adult daughter) as his Little Hunny. So sweet, right?? The tea blend had to be just that - SWEET!


Organic & hand crafted loose leaf tea. 

Biodegradable rice paper zip pouch bags measure 8" L x 5" W and contain approximately 20-30 cups per pouch. Each bag comes heat sealed but also contains a resealable zipper to keep your tea fresh!

Borosilicate glass test tubes with corks measure 6" L x 1" W and contain approximately 3-6 cups per tube. Adorable sample sizes and perfect for gifting.


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