Calm the Viking

Calm the Viking

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Calm the Viking - organic herbal blend

Ingredients: chamomile, ginger root, & raspberry leaf. Caffeine free!

Tastes like: chamomile tea but way better. The ginger adds this warmth, and the raspberry leaf adds this smoothness...a truly comforting tea. This blend is great for digestion and cramps. Keep in mind it's raspberry LEAF and not the fruit, so this tea isn't fruity in the slightest. PRO TIP: add honey, organic (and edible) ginger essential oil, and milk for a damn delicious treat.


Organic & hand crafted loose leaf tea. 

Biodegradable rice paper zip pouch bags measure 8" L x 5" W and contain approximately 20-30 cups per pouch. Each bag comes heat sealed but also contains a resealable zipper to keep your tea fresh!

Borosilicate glass test tubes with corks measure 6" L x 1" W and contain approximately 3-6 cups per tube. Adorable sample sizes and perfect for gifting.

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