Brewing a meaningful life

This is so exciting!!!!

Through a journey of a personal awakening, a year of intense self development, becoming more in tune with my intuition and who I want to be, I realized that it was time to convert what I do in my every day real life into digital form. My goal is to do this as authentically as possible, because I know the internet can be quite deceiving. 

For those of you who don't know, I own and operate Luna Tea Co. downtown Livermore, California. I create, blend, serve, retail, and wholesale my tea blends in an eclectic & cozy historic brick building. But this tiny tucked away space is so much more than just a funky tea shop. Over a three year period this space has become magical; it is a happy place for many of those who frequent it. Every day, I witness a transformation that happens for most people who spend time in my shop: they enter with the stress of their day weighing directly on them, and leave lighter, happier, and more relaxed.

So, why is it so magical and why does it happen?! I realized that I've created a space where people feel comfortable enough to let down their guard, to be authentic, to practice living in the moment, and to experience life consciously- all because of tea and this lifestyle I've created! And that's all I really hope to do- to inspire people.

The journey of starting my own business from scratch, creating a meaningful life for myself, and discovering who I am (essentially because of tea), has led me to realize that it's time to share all these magical things with more than just Livermore and the greater Bay Area. I have poured all of my heart and so much of my soul into Luna Tea Co. because I have unlimited love and faith in what I do, and now it's time to share it all here with you. 

So here it is: a digital place where I share my organic hand crafted tea blends, information about tea, tea recipes, the tea lifestyle, owning a tea business, conscious living, art, personal stories, and probably a lot more. My hope is that this blog provides with you with inspiration to be your best, most authentic self (and maybe even learn a thing or two about tea), because life is truly magical when you slow down and experience it consciously and authentically, with purpose and gratitude.

If you have questions, just want to say hello, or even have suggestions for posts please find me on social media or contact me here! 

Happy Brewing!

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