How to make the most refreshing tropical sparkling iced tea this summer.

I created a series of sparkling iced teas that I like to call Sparkling Elixirs. They sound fancy and taste delicious, and will make such a great addition to your poolside lounging this summer.

Learn how to make the best tropical sparkling iced tea.

Easily the most popular of the Summer Elixir series, featuring my most popular tea over ice: Bitch Bitch. You read that right, Beach Bitch. It’s a passion fruit black tea blend with marigold flower, coconut, elderberry, and stevia leaf. As the base of this drink, it’s phenomenal!

tropical sparkling iced tea recipe.png

Bikini Bitch Sparkling Iced Tea

Serve in a 24 oz mason jar (could easily be split into two 16 oz mason jars) - vegan & gluten free!

You will need:

  • Beach Bitch organic tea

  • Sparkling water

  • Simple syrup (equal parts organic sugar & boiling water)

  • Pineapple juice

  • Coconut Cream (I use Trader Joe's original coconut creamer)

  • measuring glass

  • tea strainer

  • pitcher

  • ice

Brew the Beach Bitch tea: scoop 2 tsp of loose tea into your measuring glass and add 5 oz boiling water; steep 6 minutes. Once tea is done brewing, strain into separate pitcher, add 1 cup ice to cool (will dilute tea a bit as well.) Add 1 oz simple syrup to tea and stir. Fill 24 oz mason jar or glass with ice almost to top, pour brewed tea over ice into glass. Add about 2 oz pineapple juice then top with sparkling water (leave 1/2 inch room for coconut cream), gently stir a few times to mix tea, juice, and sparkling water. Top with a splash of coconut cream (or more, depending on your preference) . Add a cute ass paper straw or tiny umbrella and enjoy the summer day!

Feeling EXTRA? Use 1-2 oz less tea and add a shot of rum to your mixture. Now you've got yourself a dirty sparkling elixir. I serve something similar at the shop called Bermuda Bitch (part of my tea cocktail menu). Delish!

Happy Brewing!

Jenni Curtice