Matchbook Tea Filter with Magical Illustration

Matchbook Tea Filter with Magical Illustration


Matchbook Tea Filters are the perfect accessory to loose leaf tea.

They come with 25 compostable tea bags and instructions are printed inside along with a reminder to calm the eff down and enjoy your tea for 5 minutes.

They fit conveniently in your purse, backpack, or back pocket...because it's always tea time.

Front cover is designed by yours truly with a magical teapot illustration.


Filter bags are made in Germany, are totally compostable, and measure 6.8 x 3.5 x 1.3

SUPER easy to use! Just scoop your favorite tea into the open end of the bag, and drape over the edge of your cup or pot. Alternatively, you can twist and tie the bag shut, and you're ready to brew.

Good for one cup or small pot of tea.

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