Mother's Day Matchbook Tea Infusers

Mother's Day Matchbook Tea Infusers


If you’re going to give your mom organic loose leaf tea this Mother’s Day, you’ll need to include tea filters so she can brew the tea! These matchbook tea filters are specially made just for Mother’s Day and read “Happy Mother’s Day” on the inside.

PLEASE NOTE: I create these matchbooks with high quality, multi colored/printed paper, so you will receive a RANDOM print. But I guarantee it will be cute AF, very SPRING-like, and your mom will adore it!


Filter bags are made in Germany with chlorine-free fibers (non bleached!) and measure 6.8 x 3.5 x 1.3

Really easy to use! Just scoop your favorite tea into the open end of the bag, and drape over the edge of your cup or pot. Alternatively, you can twist and tie the bag shut, and you're ready to brew.

Each bag is good for one cup or small pot of tea! Matchbooks contain 25 individual tea filters.


Organic & hand crafted loose leaf tea.

Zip pouch bags measure 8" L x 5" W and are made of biodegradable rice paper.

Each bag is heat sealed but also contains a resealable zipper to keep your tea fresh!

Zip pouch bags contain approximately 20-30 cups per zip pouch.

Test Tubes measure 6" L x 1" W and are made of borosilicate glass and have a cork stopper.

Test Tubes contain approximately 3-6 cups per test tube.

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